Montana State University BW film supplies

Film is Still Alive: Montana State University Bookstore

A couple of weeks ago I was able to take some time off and take my youngest son to college to start his freshman year at Montana State University in Bozeman. He is going to study film and photography (apple doesn’t fall far from the tree). As we were getting all of his books for his classes at the MSU bookstore we came across the art supply section. Low and behold… the film photography supply shelves! It was so refreshing to see several flavors of black and white film,  in everything from 35mm to 4×5.

Montana State University BW film supplies
The Montana State University bookstore stocks some pretty great BW photography materials for the students. From 35mm, 120 and large format film to a variety of papers and supplies.

There was more than film on those shelves too. Grey cards, film sleeves, and paper. Lots and lots of darkroom paper. MSU has such a nice darkroom facility I just about fell over when I toured it. So all this nice paper will go to use for sure.

With so many high school photography departments abandoning traditional film photography it is so important for the higher educational institutions to carry on with all of the different photographic processes, including digital.

I was just drooling when I got to see the facility and equipment my son will be able to use. If you want to shoot 8×10, super 16mm, Red, or wet plate, no problem. They have it all.